View your Photo Stream on your Mac,
without the hassle.

So you just came home from a trip and you want to see the photos you’ve taken with your iPhone? No problem.

  • Sharing
  • Browsing
  • Notifications
  • Sharing made easy. Send and export any of your photos to your sites and apps. Save them to your Downloads folder.

  • MyPhotostream has been designed to be fast and simple.
    No albums, no events. Chronologically ordered photos only.

  • MyPhotostream notifies you once new photos came in.
    Click the notification to show the photo in full size.

Please note: MyPhotostream will probably not be compatible with the upcoming "iCloud Photo Library" in iOS 8 and OS X 10.10.

Why Photo Stream on OS X is broken,
and how we fixed it.

When iCloud had been announced, the Photo Stream feature was definitely a blessing for those who take lots of pictures with their iOS devices. Having one centralized stream of photos, that is synchronized across and available on all connected Macs, iPhones and iPads, surely can be a great time saver and certainly is one of these features that make mobile Apple products comfortable to use. After having used it for a while, you probably never want to go back to the old way of mailing yourself selected photos or importing them via USB. Apple once again fixed a common problem in a very decent and elegant manner.

It works great on iOS. The Photos app every device comes with is a lightweight, minimalist and fast browser for your mobile photo archive. With its unobtrusive and simple user interface, the app puts the focus on your contents. Browsing, sharing and even editing photos is a joy on iOS. The app is the perfect balance between feature richness and simplicity.

Now let's have a look at OS X. Since its launch, iPhoto is Apple's application to access your Photo Stream on your Mac. Every Mac user knows iPhoto, its history dates back to 2002 and it has always been a pioneer in the domain of good photo management applications. Apple's engineers beautifully integrated the Photo Stream feature into iPhoto. But here is why it's broken: Photo Stream is just one of the many perspectives iPhoto has to offer. Next to albums, events, even faces or locations, your Photo Stream is yet another source in the sidebar. Also, quickly accessing your Photo Stream when coming back from a trip can be a pain, if you proudly have collected a fairly large photo library over the years on your lightly equipped MacBook Air.

Great apps are dedicated to one specific problem. And certainly Photo Stream, one of the central hubs of your digital life, deserves more than just an item in your iPhoto's source list.

Say hello to MyPhotostream.

With MyPhotostream you get a fast application for OS X, that makes accessing your Photo Stream a breeze. If you like the idea behind Photo Stream, you will love it: Start the app to see the list of your most recent photos. Let the app run in the background - the small memory footprint won't affect your OS X performance.

You will receive desktop notifications once new photos came in and you can copy selected photos to your Mac or share them via Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr with the snap of a finger. No more using iPhoto to get that one photo you have just shot. We think you will like it: Give it a try with our 30 Days trial version.

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Here are the facts

  • Read-only

    MyPhotostream is a read-only hub for your Photo Stream photos.
    The app does not provide uploading capabilities.

  • No albums, no shared Photo Streams

    MyPhotostream shows nothing but your main Photo Stream,
    in chronological order.

  • Reduced to what's necessary

    MyPhototream is fast, simple and does all it's supposed to do.

Note: You need to have installed at least one of iPhoto or Aperture on your Mac,
but you don't have to actually use it any longer.

Give it a try.
You will love it.

Enjoy MyPhotostream as a free
30 Days Trial version.

Once you have realized that it's the app you have been waiting for, unlock it within the app for just 6.99$.

Download 30 Days Trial

Version 1.0.7 — Requires OS X 10.8+

‘MyPhotostream solves enough problems at once for me that it's found a permanent place on the dock of both my Macs.’
Review by 9to5Mac
‘The utility and joy of MyPhotostream as it stands is that it's simpler than the alternatives — and for that, it's a welcome addition to your Mac's Applications folder.’
Review by 9to5Mac
‘If you don't like iPhoto but want to see incoming photos in Photo Stream, MyPhotostream is a simple and fast alternative viewer.’
Review by 9to5Mac